ELP assessment: Terms and conditions

General Terms and Conditions 

The ELP Assessment being sold via this website is provided by Lingaero ELP Ltd, approved by Transport Malta under approval number MLT.LTB.005.

  1. Definitions 
  • “The Provider” means the parent company Lingaero SAS, French Company incorporated at 19 Rue du Maréchal Foch, 95120 Ermont, France.
  • “ELP Exam” means the approved English Language Proficiency assessment provided by the provider. 
  • “The Customer” means the candidate paying for and sitting the ELP Exam 

2. Details of service provided 

The provider will organise an ELP Exam for the customer which conforms to EASA Regulations (FCL.055).  

This exam may take place in person, or via an approved video-conference system.  

3. Payment for the service provided 

The provider will provide the customer with an invoice, which must be paid either by bank transfer or by credit/debit card before the test takes place. 

Should the customer cancel their assessment within 7 days of the assessment date, a full refund will be provided. 

Should the customer cancel their assessment less than 7 days from the assessment date, no refund will be provided, however the assessment may be rescheduled. 

No refunds are provided for tests which have already taken place. 

3. Obligations of the customer 

Provision of information 

The customer must provide the information in the attached registration form, in order to allow certificate issue.  

The customer must show valid photo ID before the assessment. Acceptable forms of ID are: Passport or National Identity Card. No other forms of ID will be accepted. 

Remote assessments – Equipment and environment 

If taking a remote assessment, the customer must have suitable equipment and an adequate internet connection.  

“Suitable equipment” is defined as: A PC or Tablet with a webcam. 

An “adequate internet connection” must allow for at least 1 mbps of bandwidth 

During a remote assessment, the customer must be in a closed room, without interruption or excess background noise. 

Before starting the test, the customer must make a visual sweep of the room with their camera to verify that they are alone in the room.  

The customer must remain visible to the camera at all times 

Remote assessments – Test environment and prevention of cheating 

A remote assessment may be invalidated if:  

  • The provider suspects the customer of cheating (e.g. by reading notes) 
  • The customer disappears from view for a prolonged period 
  • The environment in which the test is taken becomes unreasonably loud, or if another person enters the room 

Decisions on whether to invalidate the test are taken by the Compliance Monitoring Manager. 

No refund will be provided where a test is invalidated. However, a free re-test may be provided, depending on the circumstances of the invalidation. 

4. Dispute and appeal procedure 

The provider follows the standard appeal procedure as laid down in the Maltese Air Navigation Order.  

Should the customer fail the assessment (level 3 or below) they have the right to appeal directly to the Competent Authority (Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate). Appeals must be made in writing within 14 days of the date of the assessment.  

Contact details for TM CAD:  

Transport Malta Civil Aviation Directorate 

Malta Transport Centre 

Triq Pantar 

Hal Lija LJA 2021 


Email: cadpel.tm@transport.gov.mt 

Telephone: +356 25555611 

5. Personal Data 

Type and purpose of data collected 

The provider collects personal data from its customers for the following purposes:  

  • Performing ELP exams 
  • Issuing ELP certificates 
  • Generating invoices 
  • General customer service tasks 

The data collected are:  

  • Name 
  • Address 
  • Date of birth 
  • Licence Number 
  • Telephone Number 
  • E-mail address 

These data are securely stored and will never be shared with third parties, except where the provider is legally required to do so.  

Payment data 

Customers’ payment data are processed via secure systems, and not directly accessible by the provider. 

Video recordings 

All ELP exams are video recorded and securely stored for a period of 6 years, in order to comply with auditing requirements. Videos are stored on a secure server, to which only staff working for the provider have access. The only third party to whom video recordings can be provided is the Competent Authority (TM Cad) as part of their auditing activities.  

Data protection: Rights of the customer 

Customers have the right to access any data held about them by the provider. This request can be made by e-mail to contact@lingaero.com

Customers have the right to request that they receive no further contact from the provider, except where this is required by law. 

Test results will never be communicated to a third party, except where this is required by law.