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English Language Proficiency VFR IFR: Lingaero provides a variety of training resources for English Language Proficiency (ELP) assessments.

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Resources available for ELP VFR, ELP IFR, FCL1.028, FCL055D

If you are looking for ELP language training, we offer a wide range of solutions.

What is ELP – English Language Proficiency ? Why do I need it?

For your licence to be valid, EASA regulations (FCL.055) require you to hold a language proficiency endorsement. In most European countries, this will need to be English. You must also hold level 4 English to renew your EASA Instrument Rating.

How do I get an ELP qualification?

As a holder of a licence from a European (EASA) country, you generally have two possibilities:

  1. Take the English test organized directly by your licensing authority. In France, for example, you can take a test at the DGAC (French CAA).
  2. Take an EASA-approved ELP assessment from another EU Member State. Through our network of partners, Lingaero can organise these assessments either on site or via video-conference. Please contact us to find out more.