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English Language Proficiency VFR IFR: The Lingaero site provides free training for the English Language Proficiency assessment (ELP).

Those already proficient with aviation English can stay current by using the free exercises.

To access the exercises use the menus at the top of the page. Ressources available for ELP VFR, ELP IFR, FCL1.028, FCL055D

If you are looking for ELP language training, we offer a wide range of solutions.

What is the ELP – English Language Proficiency ? Why do I need it?

EASA regulations require all pilots flying abroad to have an English Language Proficieny rating. If you are taking your IR (instrument rating), the ELP is mandatory for licence issue and revalidation.

The term “ELP” does not designate a particular examination or assessment. It comes from paragraph FCL.055 in EU flight crew regulations (FCL = “Flight Crew Licensing” ).

As for driving licences there is a mutual recognition between EU member states. This means that an ELP certificate issued by one EU member state is valid in all the other member states.

How to acquire an ELP?

You just need to find an approved ELP organisation. Each organisation has its own approved assessment method.

In France there are two ways to obtain your ELP certification:

To see the next assessment session near you, check our ELP calendar.

Book your assessment for when you need it

It is now possible to take your ELP at any time, in your airclub, at home or in the office. You just need a closed room and an internet connection.

This solution is ideal for pilots needing to renew their qualification. To know more about the ELP assessment, just contact us by mail, or through Facebook.

Comparison of ELP assessments

New Generation (EASA member states)

EASAA new generation assessment is proposed by an EASA approved organisation. There are no listening exercises and no translation from one language to another. IIt is generally based on materials such as photos and documents which you will need to analyse and describe.

For more information, contact us by mail.

DGAC assessment

The ELP assessment exists in two versions VFR and IFR. The assessment is divided into three parts: les listening exercises, simulated flights, and abnormal or emergency situations. You will find a wide variety of exercises on our site to train for this assessment.