These exercises are a part of the DGAC ELP assessement.

The exam is in three parts:

  • Listening comprehension
  • Emergency situations
  • Simulated flight

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A short history of the DGAC assessment

Before the arrival of the European regulations for language proficiency each country was able to test (or not!) the level of English of its pilots as it saw fit.

A that time the DGAC had three main examinations:

  • The “Qualification Restreinte de Radiocommunication Internationale” (QRRI) for private pilots
  • The “Qualification de Radiocommunication Internationale” for commercial pilots
  • The “Anglais du Pilote de Ligne” for commercial airline pilots.

To begin with these exams were valid for life.

In 2003, the ICAO set the goal of a level 4 in English (valide for 4 years) for all pilots before 2008 (see here). This goal was then added to JAA regulations (FCL 1200) and later in EASA regulations (FCL055).

From then on all QRI and other French ratings were no longer valid.

However the format of the DGAC assessment has not changed since the days of the QRI.

You will probably be happy taking the DGAC exam if:

  • You have a diploma in translation (like James!), as it is mainly a translation exercise from French to English.
  • You are unemployed as the exam is free for job seekers.

Download the DGAC summary (French)

ELP assessment exercise