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15/12/2023 – Book 18/12/2023 (Marseille) – Book
18/12/2023 – Book 09/01/2024 (Angoulême) – Book
20/12/2023 – Book 27/01/2024 (Châtellerault) –  Book
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If none of these dates are convenient, please contact us to set up a test on a different date.

About the test: Approval

Our test is approved by Transport Malta (Approval Number MLT.LTB.005). The certificate is acceptable to all EASA licensing authorities, including Ireland, Spain, and Austria.


ELP Exam Booking

The price of the test is 180 € at one of the dates mentioned above, or 200 € on any other date

The test lasts approximately 30 minutes, and includes:

  1. Open discussion on aviation topics
  2. Photo description
  3. Approach briefing exercise (IFR tests only)
  4. Short R/T exercise

Test by video-conference

To take a remote test, you will need:

  • A computer or table with a webcam.
  • A reliable internet connection
  • A closed room, with no interruptions for the duration of the test.

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