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May 2024

Online ELP exams – May 2024
Wednesday 01/05
Friday 03/05
Saturday 04/05
Monday 06/05
Wednesday 08/05
Friday 10/05
Monday 13/05
Wednesday 15/05
Friday 17/05
Lundi 20/05
Wednesday 22/05
Friday 24/05
Saturday 25/05
Monday 27/05
Wednesday 29/05

June 2024

Saturday 01/06
Monday 03/06
Wednesday 05/06
Friday 07/06
Monday 10/06
Wednesday 12/06
Friday 14/06
Monday 17/06
Wednesday 19/06
Friday 21/06
Saturday 22/06
Monday 24/06
Wednesday 26/06
Friday 28/06

About our online ELP Test

Lingaero is a provider of remote EASA ELP testing solutions (find out more).

All the dates are provided above.

When should I choose a remote ELP assessment.

The online ELP assessment (via video conferencing software) allows you to take your English Language Proficiency (sometimes called FCL.055) exam from the comfort of your own home. Introduced during the Covid period, this is the fastest way to obtain or renew your ELP level.

How does the test work?

The test takes place using a video-conferencing application.

If you are using a PC or Mac, there is no software to install. You just click on the link in your confirmation email, and the test will open in your browser.

If you prefer to use a tablet, you will need to install a free application before the test.

You will receive detailed instructions from our team on how to get online before you take your test.

When should I NOT opt for a remote ELP test?

If you are in a location where the internet connection is not reliable, or if your equipment is too old for video conferencing, it may be easier to come to one of our on-site testing centers. See all our upcoming on-site exams.

Can you issue all levels?

Yes, we can issue levels 4, 5 and 6. Up until 2019, certain EASA authorities refused to recognise level 6’s issued outside of their jursidiction. This is no longer the case. (see article).

How much does an online ELP exam cost?

The standard price for an online ELP assessment is 185 € (including taxes).

For a last-minute test, or a test outside of normal hours, the price is 200 € (including taxes). If you need to take a test at a specific time that is not available on our calendar, please contact James.

For answers to other commonly-asked questions about our test please see our FAQ.

Somebody told me that remote tests were not allowed.

That is not true!

Preparing for your test.

When you book your test, you can also buy a preparation package. You can choose your preferred solution when you book your exam .


Solution What’s included Price
  • 30 days of acces to “Lingaero Learn” : our English radiotelephony training platform.
  • An ELP test


235 €
Self-Study Plus
  • 30 days of acces to “Lingaero Learn” : our English radiotelephony training platform.
  • An hour of “mock tests” with one of our trainers, to familiarise yourself with the formet of the exam.
  • An ELP test
290 €
Personalised training

Depends on your needs.

Please contact us for a quote.