Exemple de présentation : Pilote Pro en activité (aviation d’affaires)

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Texte de la présentation

Hi there, I’m Hervé, and I work as a corporate pilot. 

I’ve got about 2 000 hours in my logbook now, almost entirely in corporate aviation. 

I started flying gliders back when I was a teenager, and from there I moved onto glider towing in my club. 

I did my ATPL via distance learning, and got my CPL at the Gratzob flying school in Poland. 

When I came back to France, I landed a job with a private owner of a Cessna Citation, based in Tir-Le-Coup, not far from Cannes. 

I love working in corporate aviation, as every day is different. 

You have to be really good at multi-tasking in my job, because the pilot doesn’t just have to fly the plane. They also have to do the handling, file the flight plans, prepare the load sheet, and everything else. 

Maybe one day I will move to an airline, but for the time being, I’m very happy in my job.



Explications terminologiques

Hi there > Une manière un peu plus « naturelle » de se présenter dans un contexte anglophone.

Back when > Tournure idiomatique pour traduire l’idée de « l’époque où » on a fait quelque chose

And from there > « et en suite »

Glider towing > Remorquage de planeurs

ATPL via distance learning> ATPL à distance

I landed a job > J’ai décroché un emploi

Be really good at multi-tasking > Etre polyvalent

For the time being > Pour le moment