Listening exercise IFR 22

How to use this exercise?

As in the real ELP assessment you will hear a number of radio messages. You will hear each message twice. Try to fill in the blanks on the right of the screen. To better prepare for the exam, it is best to write your answers on a separate sheet of paper. Click on “Show” to check your answers. Click on the “Lingaero” logo to play the recording.


This exercise is part of the DGAC IFR ELP. If you are preparing for this exam then don’t forget there are two other tests to pass:

Simulated flight
A role play with the examiner
Access simulated flights

Unusual situation
Translation of an emergency situation phrase
Access emergency situation phrases

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Message 1
BT, turn left heading 260, descend to 3000ft, cleared for the ……….. runway 23, report ………..

Message 2
Eagle 716, any further ………..?

Message 3
Eagle 716, you can descend to ………..

Message 4
Eagle 802, we’d like ……….. please.

Message 5
Eagle 802, roger, there’ll be a short delay for that, traffic ……….., you’ll get it in about 4 minutes’ time.